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iBrief® interactive filing is a widely accepted hyperlinked ebrief or electronic brief that integrates all case documentation into an ultra-efficient format using Adobe® Acrobat — viewable on CD or on an iPad.
Key Benefits of the iBrief
Flexible Pricing
Industry leaders, with more than 2,000 iBriefs created worldwide
Fastest Turnaround
Fastest turnaround time in industry with no expedited service fees
Cited Documents
Easy access to cited documents, exhibits, graphics, video, animations
Links to the specific page, line, or pin cite being referenced
iBrief CD Ipad
No software required - viewable on
a CD or iPad
Custom Highlighting
Flexible pricing options tailored to
fit cases of any size
As a supplement to a paper legal brief or ebrief, iBrief interactive filing provides the court with a seamless presentation of the case. Transform your legal brief into a clear and concise format that is simple for judges, clerks, and arbitrators to navigate. The iBrief is delivered to the court on a CD and it is also available for viewing on an iPad. Click below to view our